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Fuel Tank Cleaning QLD is a specialised provider of tank cleaning services. Based in Brisbane we service clients in the commercial, industrial & marine sectors throughout Queensland & New South Wales. Our services include the removal of water, bacteria and contaminants from in ground or above ground bulk fuel storage tanks.

Fuel Tank Cleaning Qld uses intrinsically Safe Equipment for the transfer of fuels at service stations from tank to tank or for the bottom loading of fuel tankers. This includes flammable liquids or dangerous goods. We are licensed to transport liquid waste including flammable liquids and dangerous goods. Fuel Tank Cleaning Qld also has a licence to transport waste for disposal at approved waste disposal facilities.

We also specialise in fuel tanks on boats which are inaccessible, we have fuel polishing equipment as well advice on the maintenance and treatment of fuel, including the use of biocides for the control of bacteria as well as other issues in modern fuel. These services are also suitable for the maintenance of emergency generator fuel systems. and farm tanks. We can also design, install and service filtration units for diesel systems and oil lubrication systems including heavy machinery, engines and rock crushers at quarries

Fuel Tank Cleaning Qld is also capable of gas free & confined spaces work for pressure cleaning inside larger tanks including fuel, sullage, grey or fresh water tanks.

Fuel Tank Cleaning Qld has the capability to service larger water craft including fishing vessels and super yachts. We will at all times take great care to prevent damage to the interior and exterior of your investment. All work is completed to a high safety standard for your protection as well as ours

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